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Digital Tech Strategies is an Integrated Marketing Services company serving South Florida businesses with all of their online marketing needs. We are here to give you true value and deliver positive results in everything we put our hands on.

Our goal is for you to become the digitally best in your product and/or service category within your industry. That’s why we offer creative solutions, effective communication and a strategy for online marketing success. We are not just vendors; we are consultants providing you with sound advice and the perfect mix of internet resources.

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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

More people are using their mobile devices than ever before and that’s one of the reasons why Google says your site must be responsive or mobile friendly. It’s our goal to make sure your site not only looks good on any mobile device, but also have the same functionality as a regular website.

Content Creation

We never duplicate. Our copy is creative, engaging and always unique. The more relevant and interesting content you have on your site, the higher ranked you are on major search engines and the more users will visit your site. We believe it’s one of the golden keys to being a strong leader in any business category.

Creative, Brand Identity

If you want to stand apart from your competition, there’s no doubt you need a strong identity. Your brand speaks loud volumes to the world. It represents your value, beliefs and your overall reputation. We are here to help you every step of the way with your style of communication, logo and other components to convey that right key message to your target audience.

Website Maintenance

Just like your car needs an oil change quite often, in the world of technology, your website also needs its own kind of check up. It’s a must. Our job is to maintain your site with regular updates, security and so much more. You don’t want to be left vulnerable to security breaches or virus in cyber space.

Web Analytics

This is one of the critical tools we implement to get a deeper perspective on who is visiting your site. It provides valuable information such as how long do users stay on your site, what pages do they visit, what causes traffic spikes, what keyword are driving people to your site and so much more.

Web Development

We wouldn’t be a fully-integrated company without the ability to build, modify or use web programming to create, one of kind, user-friendly websites and applications for your specific audience. Web development is an ever-changing environment and we are always up-to-speed with all of the constant changes in the industry.

Social Media

It’s essential for your customers to know who you are and what your brand represents. We can help you to create, share and exchange information, ideas and pictures/video to any virtual community. Building a strong, online reputation is a fundamental part of any company today.


We believe that video advertising is another way to cultivate more business for you online. In fact, you tube is the second highest most trafficked area visited by people today. Don’t get left behind. It’s time we help you create your own video channel and strengthen your marketing efforts with this important tool.


Do you want people to find you online? Of course, you do just like all of your competitors too. Every company wants that coveted number one spot on Google, but we know how to organically get you there will a number of techniques such as keyword research, link building, on-page optimization and reputation management and so much more.


Online sells generate more than $40 million dollars of year. If you have something to sell and want the whole world to buy your products and/or services, then you need your very own Ecommerce site. We have the solutions for you. We can create this vehicle to help create more sales, grow your business and increase your customers – a win, win situation.


Paid Search Marketing is no doubt one of the highest returns on your investment. We know because we have helped our clients succeed with this advertising strategy. You get instant traffic to your website and it also helps to promote your brand. We know how to use this powerful tactic to get you fast results.

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